Title: Chamber Appreciation
About This Episode Title: Chamber Appreciation Airdate: 2015-11-12 Guests: Sol Skolnick, Bob Camilli, Graeme Goldstein, Doris Sharp Series: Chamber Chat Topics: Pleasantville Chamber of Commerce recognized members Hosts: N/A Description: Sol Skolnick, Pleasantville Chamber of Commerce Executive Board Member, interviews and recognizes Graeme Goldstein (Art of Wine) and Bob Camilli (Peter A. Camilli & Sons) for reaching 100 years with their businesses and interviews Doris Sharp, who has been recognized by the Chamber for her service to the Pleasantville Community as a crossing guard.
About the Series Title: Chamber Chat Category: Pleasantville Public Access Produced By: Evelyn T. Latella Description: Chamber Chat hosted by Pleasantville Chamber of Commerce president, Bill Flooks, features interviews with Chamber Members and a review of upcoming Chamber and community events.
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