Title: Hudson Valley Fermented
About This Episode Title: Hudson Valley Fermented Airdate: 2017-02-17 Guests: Henry Leyva, Aaron Pozit, Jeff O'Neil Series: Community Spotlight Topics: Upcoming Pleasantville Rotary Club Event Hosts: Nick Antonaccio Description: Host Nick Antonaccio interviews Henry Leyva, Rotary Event Co-Chair of Hudson Valley Fermented, Aaron Pozit, Director of Hospitality of Captain Lawrence Brewing Co., and Jeff O'Neil, Founder of Industrial Arts Brewing, about the upcoming Hudson Valley Fermented event, their roles and the business in general.
About the Series Title: Community Spotlight Category: Pleasantville Public Access Produced By: Nick Antonaccio Description: Host, Nick Antonaccio shines the spotlight on special guests that are making a difference in the Village of Pleasantville.
Video Bookmarks 00:00:14 - Nick's Interview with Henry Leyva
Rotary Event Co-Chair of Hudson Valley Fermented

00:22:32 - Nick's interview with Aaron Pozit
Director of Hospitality of Captain Lawrence Brewing Co.

00:35:54 - Nick's interview with Jeff O'Neil
Founder of Industrial Arts Brewing

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