Title: The Village Board Meeting of 07-24-17
About This Episode Title: The Village Board Meeting of 07-24-17 Airdate: 2017-07-24 Series: The Village Board presents Topics: Police Chief Announces New Community Liaison Officer Position Hosts: The Village of Pleasantville Description: ANNOUNCEMENTS:
Police Chief Announces New Community Liaison Officer Position
Trustee Liaison Reports:
Local Law Amending Chapter 173 Vehicles & Traffic, Section 173-64, Schedule XVI, entitled No Stopping Certain Hours /Ashland Avenue
Res. No. 2017-120-Appointment of Police Chief Erik Grutzner
Res. No. 2017-121-Approval of a Local Law Amending Chapter 173 Vehicles & Traffic, Section 173-64, Schedule XVI, No Stopping Certain Hours"Ashland Avenue
Res. No. 2017-122-Approval of Pre-Check Register
Res. No. 2017-123"Appointing Trustee Liaisons to Boards and Committees
Res. No. 2017-124-Approval of BFJ Planning Supplemental Contract for Downtown Zoning Code Revisions
Res. No. 2017-125-Authorization to Notice a Public Hearing Amending the Village Code, Chapter 185 Zoning: Article I. General Provisions, Sections 185-3 Definitions and Word Use; 185-7 Application of Chapter; Article II. Residence Districts, Sections 185-8 One Family Residence RRR District; 185-9 One Family Residence RR District; 185-10 One-Family Residence R District; 185-11 One-Family Residence R-1 District; 185-12 Two-Family Residence R-2 District; 185-13 Two-Family Residence R-2A District; 185-14 Multiple Residence R-3 District; 185-15 Multiple Residence R-4 District; 185-16 Residence-Professional Office R-PO District; 185-17 Medium Density Residence/Office RO2 District; 185-17.1 Medium Density Residence/Office RO-3 District; 185-18 Campus Office C-O District; Article IV Business and Manufacturing Districts, Sections 185-19 Central Business A-1 District; Article VIII Bulk and Off-Street Parking and Loading Regulations, Sections 185-38 Layout, Location and Ownership of Off-Street Parking Facilities; 185-42 Waiver of Required Parking Spaces, Article IX Supplementary Regulations, Sections 185-46 Nonconforming Buildings and Uses; 185-48 Miscellaneous Regulations; Schedule VI and Schedule VII
Res. No. 2017-126 Approval of Minutes
Res. No. 2017-127 Appointment of PT Court Attendants
Res. No. 2017-128 Authorization to Close Aged Receivable Account
Res. No. 2017-129 Authorization to Sign Revocable Encroachment Agreement/80 Nannahagan Road
Res. No. 2017-130 " Rejection of Tree Removal and Pruning Bids
About the Series Title: The Village Board presents Category: Government Produced By: The Village of Pleasantville Description: Filmed Board Work Sessions, Board Meetings and Forums archiving the discussions and actions taken by the Village of Pleasantville Board of Trustees.
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