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Title: Coyotes In Southern New YorkSeries: The Village of Pleasantville presentsGuests: Chris Nagy, wildlife biologistAirdate: 2018-11-29Views: 0 this month, 99 life to date


Village of Pleasantville informational forum


This is the second informational meeting on coyotes filmed, Nov. 29, at 7:30PM at the Clinton Street Center (1A Clinton Street). Guest speaker Chris Nagy, co-founder of Gotham Coyo

About the Series

Title The Village of Pleasantville presents
Category Pleasantville Public Access
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Description Filmed events sponsored by the Village of Pleasntville.

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Airdate: 05/31/2013

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Rededication of the WWII War Memorial

Airdate: 04/14/2013

Guests: Grace Rubino Baer, Rev. William A. Holt, Rob Astorino, Westchester County Executive, Peter Scherer, Mayor, Patricia Dwyer, Village administrator

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PCTV at the Indoor Pleasantville Farmers Market

Airdate: 04/14/2013

Guests: Shelley Boris, Executive Director & Executive Chef of Fresh Company

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"A Fond Farewell"

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Inside Government

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