Title: The Village Board Meeting of 7-20-09
About This Episode Title: The Village Board Meeting of 7-20-09 Airdate: 2009-07-20 Series: The Village Board presents Hosts: The Village of Pleasantville Description: Announcements:

Con-Tech to mobilize week of August 3rd to begin signalization project at intersection of Bedford Rd. and Pleasantville Rd.

Scheduled Meetings: All meetings are held at Village Hall, 80 Wheeler Avenue, 2nd Floor, Pleasantville, New York

Next Regular Meeting Monday, August 10, 2009 at 8:00pm with a Work Session at 7:00pm

Public Hearing: Local Law Amending Chapter 173 Vehicles & Traffic, Section 173-63, Schedule XV: Parking Prohibited certain hours on Weskora Avenue

Mayor's Updates:

Verizon FIOS Update
RFP - PlaceNameRec. PlaceTypeCenter - 359 CityplaceBedford Road
Music Festival Update
Update on Work Session Discussions

Oral Communication:

Res. No. 2009-145-Approval of Pre-Check Register (1h01m40s)
Res. No. 2009-146-Approval of Minutes/July 6, 2009 (1h03m25s)
Res. No. 2009-147-FP Clark Planning Consultant Retainer FY2009-10 (1h03m40s)
Res. No. 2009-148-Local Law Amending Chapter 173 Vehicles & Traffic, Section 173-63, Schedule XV: Parking Prohibited Certain Hours/Days Weskora Avenue (1h06m20s)
Res. No. 2009-149-Authorizing Submission of JCAP Grant for Court Office (1h07m05s)
Res. No. 2009-150-Authorizing Submission of Farmers' Market Grant/ Matching Funds Required (1h08m50s)
Res. No.2009-151-Authorizing Romer Avenue Block Party for August 8th 2pm-11pm and Rain Date August 9th (1h42m40s)
Res. No. 2009-152-Authorizing use of General Fund Balance for Water Fund capital costs in advance of borrowing and establishing an inter-fund interest rate (1h43m10s)
Res. No. 2009-153-Authorizing the Administrator to engage services of IQ Landscape Architects to develop CBD Guidelines (1h48m00s)
About the Series Title: The Village Board presents Category: Government Produced By: The Village of Pleasantville Description: Filmed Board Work Sessions, Board Meetings and Forums archiving the discussions and actions taken by the Village of Pleasantville Board of Trustees.
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