Title: Board of Education Candidates Forum 2020
About This Episode Title: Board of Education Candidates Forum 2020 Airdate: 2020-05-20 Guests: Jill Grossman, Carmel Promisel, John Vamossy, Angela Vella Series: Board of Education presents Topics: PUFSD 2020 Board of Edication Candidates Web Forum Hosts: Board of Education, The Pleasantville Special Education PTA Description: 2020 Board of Education Candidates Jill Grossman, Carmel Promisel, John Vamossy and Angela Vella take questions from Moderator Alice McNamara, of the League of Womens' Voters, about what they'd like to accomplish if elected in June. These four candidates are running for two available three year terms.The live web forum was organized by Dyana Nessel representing the PTA's and the PCO.
About the Series Title: Board of Education presents Category: Education Produced By: Board of Education Description: The Pleasantville Board of Education's Board of Education Meetings, forums, events and other public meetings regarding the Pleasantville School District.
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