Title: Board of Education 2021 Candidates Forum
About This Episode Title: Board of Education 2021 Candidates Forum Airdate: 2021-05-06 Guests: Michael Busch, Sara Hukkanen, Emily Rubin Persons Series: Board of Education presents Topics: Candidate question and answer Hosts: Board of Education Description: League of Women's Voters Moderator, Alice McNamara, facilitates a Pleasantville Board of Education 2021 Candidates Forum with candidates Michael Busch, Sara Hukkanen and Emily Rubin Persons. The election takes place on May 18, 2021 and these three candidates are running for two seats.
About the Series Title: Board of Education presents Category: Education Produced By: Board of Education Description: The Pleasantville Board of Education's Board of Education Meetings, forums, events and other public meetings regarding the Pleasantville School District.
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