Title: Pleasantville Strong 09/23/2021 Coalition Meeting
About This Episode Title: Pleasantville Strong 09/23/2021 Coalition Meeting Airdate: 2021-09-28 Guests: Laura Moore, Pville STRONG Coalition Coordinator Series: Pleasantville STRONG Topics: Presentation by Coalition Coordinator, Laura Moore Hosts: N/A Description: Laura More, Pleasantville STRONG Coalition Coordinator, gives a presentation outlining the New York State Marijuana Law, the Impact of Marijuana Legalization on our Youth and the 2020 Pleasantville Student Survey Results.
About the Series Title: Pleasantville STRONG Category: Pleasantville Public Access Produced By: N/A Description: The Pleasantville STRONG (Safe Teens, Real Oportunities, New Goals) series addresses adolescent drug and alcohol issues through discussion in an effort to change community attitudes and reduce use and abuse.
Video Bookmarks 00:00:05 - The New York State Marijuana Law
How the law works and what the Village government has control over

00:07:46 - Impact of Marijuana Legalization on our Youth

00:14:25 - Survey Results
2020 Pleasantville Student Survey Results

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