Title: Panthers, Puzzles and Performances
About This Episode Title: Panthers, Puzzles and Performances Airdate: 2021-11-23 Guests: Andy Goodman, Greg Nemec, Terry Singletary, Tony Becerra Series: What's Up Pleasantville? Topics: Highlighting Village events during Thanksgiving week Hosts: Joanna VanTrees Description: Host, Joanna VanTrees, covers the PHS football win against Port Jervis. She highlights events coming up soon in the village, such as the Pleasantville Puzzle Hunt, Orchestra 914 concerts, the village tree and dreidel lighting.
About the Series Title: What's Up Pleasantville? Category: Pleasantville Public Access Produced By: Joanna VanTrees Description: "What's Up Pleasantville?" is a show highlighting community folks and businesses in our area. Check out who we spotlight next!!
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