Title: A Pizza's a Pizza No Matter How Small
About This Episode Title: A Pizza's a Pizza No Matter How Small Airdate: 2022-03-17 Guests: Peter Scherer, Lucio's Pizzeria, PHS Seussical Cast Members Series: What's Up Pleasantville? Topics: The Pleasantville High School Musical and Lucio's Pizzeria Hosts: Joanna VanTrees Description: Host, Joanna VanTrees, goes to "Whoville" with Pleasantville Mayor, Peter Scherer to meet some of the cast members of the Pleasantville High School Musical production of "Seussical" and then makes pizza with Lucio, owner of Lucio's Pizzeria.
About the Series Title: What's Up Pleasantville? Category: Pleasantville Public Access Produced By: Joanna VanTrees Description: "What's Up Pleasantville?" is a show highlighting community folks and businesses in our area. Check out who we spotlight next!!
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