Title: Swingin' into Spring
About This Episode Title: Swingin' into Spring Airdate: 2022-05-11 Guests: Russell Ger, Frank Shiner Series: What's Up Pleasantville? Topics: Upcoming charity event Hosts: Joanna VanTrees Description: Host, Joanna VanTrees, visits Frank Shiner and Russell Ger about the upcoming "Swingin' into Spring" music event happening at the Chappaqua Performing Arts Center Saturday, May 14 at 7pm.More information is available at FrankShiner.com
About the Series Title: What's Up Pleasantville? Category: Pleasantville Public Access Produced By: Joanna VanTrees Description: "What's Up Pleasantville?" is a show highlighting community folks and businesses in our area. Check out who we spotlight next!!
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