Title: The Village Work Session and Meeting of 08-28-2023
About This Episode Title: The Village Work Session and Meeting of 08-28-2023 Airdate: 2023-08-28 Series: The Village Board presents Topics: Consider authorizing the Village Elections Tuesday, March 19, 2023 Hosts: The Village of Pleasantville Description: WORK SESSION AGENDA:
6:00PM: Executive Session to discuss real
property, contractual and legal matters7:00PM: Discussion regarding proposed Parks Department truck
7:15PM: Discussion regarding Village Hall capital projects
7:30PM: Discussion regarding proposed loading zone and parking regulations
Res. No. 2023-290 Approval of Minutes
Res. No. 2023-291 Approval of Budget Amendments FYE 2024
Res. No. 2023-292 Approval of Payment of Claims FYE 2024
Res. No. 2023-293 Consider authorizing the hiring of George Pappas, part-time Village Prosecutor
Res. No. 2023- 294 Consider authorizing the Pleasantville Community Block Party related road closures and authorizes lifting of Village Code 54-4 for Wheeler Avenue
Res. No. 2023-295 Consider approving new hires, Recreation Assistants/ Panther Club
Res. No. 2023-296 Consider approving new hire Tucker Thomas, Court Attendant
Res. No. 2023-297 Consider approving a pay rate change for Recreation Assistants/Panther Club
Res. No. 2023-298 Consider authorizing a pay rate change for Part-Time Available/ Recreation Assistant, Afterschool
Res. No. 2023-299 Consider authorizing the new hire Bryan Gaiser/ Part-Time Available/ Recreation Assistant for afterschool
Res. No. 2023-300 Consider authorizing a pay rate change for Part-Time Available/ Recreation Assistant, Special Events
Res. No. 2023-301 Consider authorizing a pay rate change for Part- Time Available/ Recreation Assistant, adult programs
Res. No. 2023-302 Consider accepting resignation of Maryann Tiffany/ Recreation Assistant, Panther Club
Res. No. 2023-303 Consider authorizing the Village Elections Tuesday, March 19, 2023
Res. No. 2023-304 Consider authorizing temporary no parking regulations on September 23, 2023 (with a rain date of September 30, 2023) from 12 to 6pm on both sides of Edgewood Avenue from Washington Avenue to Grove Street, and on the north-side of Edgewood Avenue from Grove Street to Manville Road in support of the Pleasantville Chamber of Commerce Community Block PartyRes. No. 2023-305 Consider authorizing the Village Clerk to advertise for Bids for Sidewalk and Curb ImprovementsRes. No. 2023-306 Consider scheduled a Public Hearing on September 11, 2023 to consider Intro. Local Law 6 of 2023 to prohibit no parking on the south side of Manville Road near the intersection with Great Oak Lane during certain hoursRes. No. 2023-307 Consider authorizing the closure of Memorial Plaza for Pleasantville Day
Res. No. 2023-308 Consider approving the appointment of Jeffrey Ausiello/ Community Service Worker
Res. No. 2023-309 Consider the approval of a Block Party & Road Closure Request/ Sunnyside Avenue
Res. No. 2023-310 Consider authorizing Pleasantville Community Television to hold an event at PCTV Headquarters and authorize no parking on Orbaek Lane on September 10, 2023
Res. No. 2023-311 Consider authorizing Daisy Haywood/ Recreation Assistant/ Panther Club, title change to Part-Time Available
Res. No. 2023-312 Consider authorizing out of state/country conference request by Police Chief, Erik Grutzner
Res. No. 2023-313 Consider authorizing the Velocity bike ride, a cycling fundraiser benefiting Columbia Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center
Res. No. 2023-314 Consider declaring an emergency with respect to the repairs and/or replacement of indoor heads for the heating ventilation and airconditioning system in Village Hall
Res. No. 2023-315 Consider accepting donation of up to 4 planters by Pleasantville Lofts LLC for placement within Village right of way
Res. No. 2023-316 Consider approving the new hire Donald Henken/ School Crossing Guard
Res. No. 2023-317 Consider waiving Cabaret License for Lucios Pizza for the purposes of Pleasantville Chamber of Commerce Block Party
Res. No. 2023-318 Consider waiving the thirty-day requirement liquor license/ Crawdaddy's Creole Kitchen
About the Series Title: The Village Board presents Category: Government Produced By: The Village of Pleasantville Description: Filmed Board Work Sessions, Board Meetings and Forums archiving the discussions and actions taken by the Village of Pleasantville Board of Trustees.
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