Title: The Village Work Session and Board Meeting of 11-27-2023
About This Episode Title: The Village Work Session and Board Meeting of 11-27-2023 Airdate: 2023-11-27 Series: The Village Board presents Topics: Request from the Pedestrian Safety Committee to reduce Village limit to 25 mph Hosts: The Village of Pleasantville Description:
7:00PM: Discussion with Arben Brala, owner of Jean Jacques, regarding proposal for outdoor seating on Village property.
7:30PM: Discussion regarding formal request to the New York State Department of Transportation for a red light camera on the Saw Mill River Parkway at Grant St./Pleasant Avenue, and request from the Pedestrian Safety Committee to reduce Village limit to 25 mph.
7:45PM: Follow up discussion about amendments to the Village Code concerning Loading Zones8:30pm Executive Session to discuss Real Property Matters
Continuation of Pleasantville Lofts, LLC appeal of decision and determination of the Pleasantville Architecture Review Board concerning 70 Memorial Plaza
Res. No. 2023-384 Approval of Minutes
Res. No. 2023-385 Approval of Budget Amendments FYE 2024
Res. No. 2023-386 Approval of Payment of Claims FYE 2024
Res. No. 2023-387 Consider authorizing the issuance of $700,000 serial bonds to finance improvements to the north end of Memorial Plaza in the Village to create a new Civic Space. *Project supported by $450,000 in reimbursable grant funds.
Res. No. 2023-388 Consider authorizing the Village Administrator to sign an Amendment and Renewal Agreement with Sustainable Westchester for the purposes of the Waste and Recycling Communications Platform
Res. No. 2023-389 Consider accepting the resignation of Jae Hwang, Court Attendant
Res. No. 2023-390 Consider accepting a donation in the amount of $325 for the purposes of planting a tree in Nannahagan Park
Res. No. 2023-391 Consider authorizing the ticket donation of two Pleasantville Music Festival tickets for Congregation Sons of Israel
Res. No. 2023-392 Consider acknowledgement the Justice Court Audit for FYE 2023
Res. No. 2023-393 Consider granting 'Monroe Determination' concerning the proposed reconstruction of the Village Pool and schedule a public hearing to consider the issuance of a Wetland Permit application for the Project on December 11, 2023.
Res. No. 2023-394 Declare Intent to be SEQRA Lead Agency for the proposed reconstruction of the Village Pool
Res. No. 2023-395 Consider scheduling a Public Hearing on December 11, 2023 to consider Introductory Local Law 7 of 2023 to amend Chapter 173-24 and 173-68 of the Code of the Village of Pleasantville concerning loading zones
Res. No. 2023-396 Consider authorizing the Village Mayor or Village Administrator to sign an agreement with Cohen Law Group for legal services pertaining to the renewal of the Villages Cable Franchise Agreement with Altice and Verizon
Res. No. 2023-397 Consider authorizing a change order for the pool liner replacement for $18,500 to repair damaged portions of the pool wall
Res. No. 2023-398 Consider authorizing a declaration of restrictive covenants for 8 affordable housing units in 70 Memorial Plaza
Res. No. 2023-399 Consider approving the rate change, Jarid Garcia, Recreation Assistant part time available, Panther Club
Res. No. 2023-400 Consider authorizing the Village Administrator or Police Chief to sign a Prisoner Transportation Agreement with The County of Westchester
Res. No. 2023-401 Consider authorizing the issuance of not to exceed $240,000 serial bonds to finance the replacement of liner, pumps and electrical systems for the Pleasantville Swimming Pool
About the Series Title: The Village Board presents Category: Government Produced By: The Village of Pleasantville Description: Filmed Board Work Sessions, Board Meetings and Forums archiving the discussions and actions taken by the Village of Pleasantville Board of Trustees.
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