Title: The 2023 Pleasantville Business Person of the Year
About This Episode Title: The 2023 Pleasantville Business Person of the Year Airdate: 2024-04-24 Guests: Sue Lara, Margaret Cunzio, Shari Rosen Ascher, Peter Scherer, Steve Bates Series: Chamber of Commerce Presents Topics: Featuring 2023 Pleasantville Business Person of the Year, Sue Lara Hosts: Bill Flooks Description: Bill Flook, President of the Pleasantville Chamber of Commerce, host the 2023 Pleasantville Business Person of the Year Event honoring this year's winner, Sue Lara of Sir Speedy. This event was held and filmed April 24, 2024 at Tesoro D'Italia Restorante, 160 Marble Ave., Pleasantville.
About the Series Title: Chamber of Commerce Presents Category: Pleasantville Public Access Produced By: Evelyn Tierney Description: Pleasantville Chamber of Commerce members interview local shop owners and restauranteurs, encourage viewers to shop locally and discuss holiday gift giving ideas this holiday season.
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