Title: Alon White
About This Episode Title: Alon White Airdate: 2006-10-20 Guests: Alon White Series: Give Us This Day Topics: Goodwill Among the Various Faiths Hosts: Pleasantville Clergy Association Description: Goodwill Among the Various Faiths
About the Series Title: Give Us This Day Category: Pleasantville Public Access Produced By: Pleasantville Clergy Association Description: The Pleasantville Clergy Association is an interfaith organization comprised of the leaders of the Christian, Jewish and Muslim faiths in and around Pleasantville. We work together to promote goodwill among the various faiths we represent as well as a spirit of peace and cooperation in our community and beyond. Among the gatherings we sponsor are an annual Interfaith Thanksgiving Service, an annual Community Observance of Martin Luther King Day, monthly meeting of the local faith leaders and an occasional discussion group about the similarities and differences between us inspired by the book, The Faith Club. In all this we seek to model mutual respect, understanding and cooperation for the good of our community and the people we represent.
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