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Title: Avoid Becoming House PoorSeries: The Homeowner's Survival TrackGuests: Shalyn CourtenayAirdate: 2010-04-17Views: 1 this month, 1069 life to date


Strategies to help homeowners and prospective buyers avoid becoming "house poor"


Shalyn Courtenay is a financial associate with the Cambium Group, with headquarters in Purchase, NY. In this segment she outlines strategies to help keep expenses in-line and to ma

About the Series

TitleThe Homeowner's Survival Track
CategoryPleasantville Public Access
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DescriptionThe Homeowner's Survival Track offers valuable information about how to achieve sustainable home ownership. Host Sol Skolnick chats with experts to help you achieve right financing, balance your priorities, effectively manage money, energy and other resources to make your house a true home.

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